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Hydrology Faculty and Participating Departments

The Hydrologic Science and Engineering (HSE) Program at the Colorado School of Mines is an interdisciplinary graduate program designed to provide students with a solid background in quantitative environmental (physical and chemical) hydrology and allow them to explore specialties within related fields, particularly with emphasis on areas of expertise of the participating faculty. Links to faculty web pages and email addresses are provided below.

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Participating Departments/Divisions:

On-Campus Research Centers:


Terri Hogue
HSE Director
Surface hydrology, catchment response to wildfire, urbanization, climate variability, land-atmosphere interactions, watershed modeling, parameter estimation, remote sensing, field studies
Kamini Singha
Associate Director
Groundwater flow and solute transport in porous media and fractured rock, groundwater-surface water interaction, environmental geophysics, geostatistics
Hussein Amery
Water management and politics in the Middle East; conflict resolution of transboundary water issues; water ethics
David Benson
Subsurface contaminant transport and fate, numerical modeling
Tzahi Cath
Brackish water and seawater desalination; water and wastewater treatment engineering; potable water reuse; energy recovery in water treatment
Brandon Dugan
Hydrogeology; marine hydrogeology; geomechanics; groundwater resources; basin-scale fluid flow; numerical modeling
Brian Ebel
Disturbance hydrology; hydrogeomorphology; unsaturated zone hydrology; post-wildfire hydrology; hillslope hydrology
Marte Gutierrez
Geomechanics; coupled multiphase fluid flow, thermal and geomechanical processes in porous and fractured media; experimental studies and computational modeling
Christopher Higgins
Fate, transport, and bioaccumulation of emerging contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial systems
Tissa Illangasekare
Subsurface flow, transport and fate of chemicals in porous media, groundwater hydrology, numerical modeling, fracture flow, flow in snow, NAPLs
Rennie Kaunda
Mine water hydrology, groundwater hydrogeology, characterization of contaminant transport and fate, water in geotechnical and geomechanical engineering
Adrianne Kroepsch
Water policy and politics in the American West, groundwater management, energy-water nexus, collaborative governance processes, interdisciplinary approaches to water research (e.g., socio-hydrology)
Yaoguo Li
Geophysical inverse theory; gravity, magnetic, and electrical methods in resource exploration
Ning Lu
Groundwater hydrology, unsaturated soil mechanics, expansive soils, environmental geotechnics
John McCray
Contaminant hydrology, subsurface remediation, vadose-zone hydrology, subsurface vapor-transport, watershed hydrology, mathematical modeling, soil-based wastewater treatment
Junko Munakata Marr
Biological degradation of organic compounds; microbial communities in groundwater and water treatment systems; application of molecular biology techniques to environmental systems
Reed Maxwell
watershed hydrology, groundwater-surface-water-land surface interactions, land-atmosphere interactions, microbial subsurface contaminant transport, spectral scaling in watersheds, integrated watershed response to climate change, environmental risk assessment, development of numerical models, Lagrangian methods and high-performance computing
Alexis Navarre-Sitchler
Water-rock interactions, geochemical kinetics, hydrogeochemistry, integration of field and experimental data into reactive-transport numerical simulation
Jim Ranville
Geochemical influences on metal transport and bioavailability; environmental colloids and suspended particles; natural organic matter; field-flow fractionation methods; ICP-AES/MS methods; chemistry of acid-mine drainage
Paul Santi
Landslide drainage, groundwater issues in construction, hydrology and mass movement hazards, cross-contamination of aquifers, subsurface site investigation
Josh Sharp
Environmental microbiology and biogeochemistry, Biotechnological applications towards groundwater remediation and water reuse, Bacterial cytochrome-mediated degradation of emerging organic contaminants with a focus on micropollutants such as nitrosamines, Bioattenuation of metals and radionuclides
Kate Smits
Multiphase processes affected by heat and mass flux dynamics, land/atmospheric interfaces at a wide range of physical scales
John Spear
Environmental microbiology; metal bioremediation; environmental policy and impact analysis
Whitney Trainor-Guitton
Value of information methodologies; uncertainty quantification; subsurface flow modeling; carbon sequestration monitoring; geothermal exploration; distributed acoustic sensing; reduced-order models; stochastic techniques and geostatistical modeling of geophysical data
Nils Tilton
Theoretical and computational fluid mechanics, flow through porous media, and membrane filtration
Tina Voelker
Fate and effects of toxic metals and organic contaminants in aquatic environments, oxidation of organic contaminants in natural and engineered systems, photochemistry of natural organic matter, reactions of oxygen species in aquatic environments, interactions between metals and natural organic matter
Michelle Walvoord
Permafrost hydrology, multiphase flow and transport, arid regions hydrology
Yu-Shu Wu
Reservoir engineering and groundwater hydrogeology in general , Quantitative analysis and mathematical modeling approaches to flow and transport processes in porous and fractured reservoirs, Phenomena and coupled processes of multi-phase fluids, multi-component chemicals, and heat in variably saturated subsurface systems, Transient pressure and tracer tests in characterizing aquifers and oil/gas reservoirs
Wendy Zhou
Hydrologic applications of GIS, energy-water nexus

Emeritus FACULTY

Ron Cohen
Limnology; wetlands treatment of mine wastes; treatment systems for produced waters from petroleum operations; environmental site characterization and risk assessment
Dave Hale
Seismology, computer graphics, image processing, subsurface modeling and fluid flow
Bruce Honeyman
Surface chemistry; environmental radiochemistry; metal-organic interactions; the physical/chemical processes controlling the fate of chemical species in natural and engineered systems
Don Macalady
Chemistry of natural organic matter; abiotic oxidation/reduction reactions; hydrolysis reaction rates and mechanisms; environmental partitioning from aqueous to soil/sediment and other systems; particle effects in aqueous chemistry; geochemical processes in systems contaminated with acid mine drainage; chemistry in wetlands
Gary Olhoeft
Petrophysics; ground-penetrating radar; nonlinear complex resistivity
Eileen Poeter
Groundwater flow and transport modeling, inverse modeling, characterization of subsurface heterogeneity, uncertainty evaluation, data fusion, geostatistical simulation
Robert Siegrist
Environmental characterization and risk assessment; subsurface treatment of contaminated land, water, and waste water treatment, and reuse in natural and alternative systems