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To obtain a student's contact information, search their name on Inside Mines. To learn more about what our students are up to, check the Hydrologic Science and Engineering Club page.


Student Name Advisor
Brent Brouillard Sharp
Kim Cone Wendlandt
Dong Ding Benson
Timothy Fry Maxwell
James Gilbert Maxwell
Skuyler Herzog McCray and Higgins
Jennifer Jefferson Maxwell
Hee Won Jung Sitchler
Kyle Knipper Hogue
Michael Morse Lu
Amy Rice Singha
Ashley Rust Hogue
Jenna Shelton McCray
Kimberly Slinski Hogue
Emily Voytek Singha


Student Name Advisor
Aaron Bandler Singha
Colin Barry Hogue
Travis Brown Benson
Skyler Nelson Bruno Benson
Ryan Edgley Maxwell
Rachel Feist Singha
Mary Forrester Maxwell
Christine Hasbrouck Higgins
Amelia Hayes Benson
Christine Johnson Sharp
Allison Johnston Singha
Peter Kauss Hogue
Amy Kenwell Sitchler
Conor Kingston Smits
Kyle Kirtley Benson
Jacob Kramarz Benson
Jeff Ladderud Sharp
Charlie Magill Singha
Clinton Meyer Revil
Savannah Miller Benson
Christine Pribulick Maxwell
Katherine Radavich Hogue
Sam Saxe Sharp
Jessica Shirey Hogue
Zachary Walter Benson
Celeste Wieting
Sydney Wilson Singha
Hao Wu Illangasekare
Michael Yoder Sharp