HydrologyHydrologic Science and Engineering

The Hydrologic Science and Engineering (HSE) Program at the Colorado School of Mines is an interdisciplinary graduate program designed to provide students with a solid background in quantitative hydrology and allow them to explore specialties within related fields, with particular emphasis on areas of expertise of the participating faculty. We offer programs of study in fundamental hydrologic science and applied hydrology with engineering applications.

Our program encompasses:

  • groundwater hydrogeology
  • surface water hydrology
  • vadose zone hydrology
  • climate change impacts
  • watershed hydrology
  • contaminant transport and fate
  • contaminant remediation
  • hydrogeophysics
  • water management
  • land-atmosphere interactions
  • urban hydrology

How the HSE Program works

The HSE Program currently offers M.S. (thesis and non-thesis option) and Ph.D. degrees in Hydrology. Students take a common core set of classes, but sit in the same department as their advisor.

If you are interested in our hydrology program and the research being done in the program please feel free to contact the HSE faculty member working in an area of interest to you. Note that students must apply by December 15 to be considered for funding.